We can now offer you the ability to have your (or your horses) name embroidered on your show sets, with our flash new computerised embroidery machine.

We can embroider any wording you like, in a range of fonts, in an area up to 10×6 inches. Watch this space for updates as we are also looking at adding the facility to embroider logos and pictures as well as making patches that can be sewn onto your main covers.

A single embroidery (word or phrase in a 10×6 area) costs only $25, and we can do this on all new show sets or any existing show sets or covers in a similar material that you can send or bring in to us. Just drop us a line to discuss what you would like.

Please do note though that events run under NZMHA rules do not allow for any kind of naming or horse/stud/competitor identification on floats, covers or equipment (even though this does occur regardless), so if you are concerned about that, you may like to opt for a removable patch that simply attaches with Velcro. The advantage of a patch is that you can easily move it from cover to cover as required. All AIMHCNZ events do allow you to display your names etc, which we think is a much more sensible and realistic approach.