NZBN: 9429048092869

Rugs ‘n Covers is a family run registered business based in Canterbury, New Zealand. 

It grew from the need to find quality and high featured  miniature and full-size horse rugs at a reasonable price for our own horses, to selling covers around New Zealand, and even further afield.

Our rugs have been carefully designed to fit the requirements of the New Zealand horse which for the most part lives in an outdoor environment, often all year around.  

Our aim has been to create a snug fitting rug that will fit all horse shapes and sizes.  As you may know from dressing yourself, this is not always easy but we believe we are pretty close to our goal! 

We initially designed our range with our own needs foremost in our minds, and have been continually refining our design, but we always welcome suggestions for improvement so please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have an idea for how we might further develop or improve our range.

We have been (and still are) active participants in equestrian activities including eventing and showing and we are our biggest critics…every design improvement we make has been the result of many hours of studying the horses and how the covers fit with much debate over how best to streamline the putting on and taking off of the covers. Not to mention lots of measuring, cutting, sewing and restitching…and of course the infinite patience of our four-footed models (they get paid in carrots, so we haven’t had any complaints from that quarter).

After we’re satisfied with the design we work with our manufacturing partner in India to produce the final covers to the highest possible standard. Why India you may ask when everyone else is on the China bandwagon…well it comes down to Quality, Consistency, Reliability and Quality (yes, we think that’s important enough to mention twice), attributes we feel we can only get from our Indian manufacturing partner, another family run business from whom we get that invaluable personal touch, and we have not been disappointed…and we know you won’t be either!